Free Your Mind and Live From Your Heart – 3 Keys

Is your mind filled with chaos and confusion? Have you settled for less in your life, instead of living the life of your dreams? Have you been convinced by the doubts and fears of your mind that “its not the right time.”, “you don’t have everything you need.”, “you don’t know how to get what you want?”

If so, I have outlined three keys to clearing out the chaos and confusion and connecting deeply to your heart. Follow these steps, and you will free yourself from the prison of your mind.

1. GET CLEAR. The challenge for most people is that they get stuck in the chaos and confusion of their mind, and find it difficult if not impossible to know what they want. The way to get clear is to get out of your head and into your heart.

One simple way to get out of your head and into your heart is to sit quietly with one or both hands on your heart, and take in several slow deep gentle breathes. Then allow yourself to think of someone or something that you truly love (this helps you to strengthen your connection to your heart).

From this place silently ask yourself “What do I want?, and then listen for the answer. You may want to ask this question several times in order to access the deepest part of yourself and reveal the true desire of your heart.

The answer may come to you as a word or a phrase, an image or a thought. In what ever form it comes, allow this answer to guide you forward toward your heart’s desire.

2. CLEAR OUT THE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS AND BELIEFS. Even if you are clear about what you want, unless you clear out the negative thoughts and beliefs that have prevented you from manifesting it, you will not be able to move forward. These thoughts are contained in your subconscious mind, and are reinforced by your conscious mind and society.

Even if you are not aware of them, you know they exist, for they are responsible for everything you are experiencing in your life right now. No matter how determined you have been in the past to change, these thoughts and beliefs have held you back.

In order to change your life in a positive way, you must change the negative thoughts and beliefs. Three powerful ways to achieve this are:

A. Writing Positive Affirmations (writing as opposed to printing provides a direct connection with the subconscious mind)

B. Speaking Positive Affirmations (the positive energy from your spoken words vibrates out into the Universe and positive energy in the form of people, opportunities and ideas are drawn to you).

C. Visualizing and/or imagining your hearts desire as if you already had it and were experiencing it right now. (The subconscious mind accepts these images as reality, and begins to work toward manifesting them).

3. TAKE ONE STEP FORWARD. Follow the guidance and wisdom of your heart and take a positive step forward toward the desire of your heart. Everyone, even the most successful people in the world experience fear and doubt. However, the successful people move forward anyway, because their passion is strong enough and their desired outcome is clear enough to pull them forward.

So take a step forward now. In spite of any fear or doubt you may have, take a step. Trust me, there is no more empowering feeling than experiencing fear and doubt, and choosing to move forward anyway.

So take a step, and when you do, be sure and celebrate and acknowledge yourself for embarking on your journey toward living the life you deserve and desire.

Work From Home – Become a Life Coach

During the final years of my corporate career in London, the idea of working from home was steadily gaining greater acceptance as an alternative to doing duty in the office with all the commuting time and inconvenience that that involved.

Friday was a favourite day for staff to stay at home and work remotely, no doubt because the thought of a long commute home at the end of a tiring week was the final straw that threatened to break the loyal office worker’s back!

I, myself, used to take advantage of the work-at-home movement on a Friday because I had a particularly long and tiring multi-mode commute to and from work; two hours each way courtesy of a car, a train, the underground and my own two feet!

It soon became clear to me that, with modern technology, working from home could, under certain circumstances, be as productive, in fact more productive, than the conventional approach of slogging into the office every day.

Sure, there were times when face-to-face meetings were important and building rapport required personal interactions – but by and large, working remotely was very effective.

There’s something about having the flexibility to do things the way you want to do them; to choose your breaks when you want them and not to have to live up to the expectations of others in terms of how you dress, the way you choose to sit in your chair or the state in which you keep your desk.

Unfortunately, the concept of working from home is still sneered at by less progressive companies and managers, many of whom harbour suspicions that ‘an employee not seen is an employee not working’!

Let’s be honest, for those less-than-committed employees, the temptation to pursue other interests is probably greater at home, but then less-than-committed employees are hardly likely to be genuinely more committed just because they’re under the watchful eye of the boss.

Working from home is, to my mind, the way of the future as advances in technology rapidly overcome the practical hurdles previously associated with remote working.

It just makes so much more sense.

In fact, it’s not just the convenience and lower cost associated with working from home that will, in my opinion, cause the explosion of this trend, but the unprecedented access to needed skills that remote-working technology is starting to unleash.

Think about this for a moment…

You’re a top class creative working in the field of advertising in South Africa. A London based advertising agency has just won a big contract from a leading European car maker who is seeking greater penetration of the UK market. They desperately need good people – people like you – to work on the account.

Until recently, being based in South Africa would have disqualified you from such an opportunity but with advances in technology, things have changed.

You have the right skills, you are English speaking and you have a good sense for the product and the market. Your choice of where to live and work from is no longer such an issue, thanks to the Internet and related technologies. In fact being based in South Africa becomes a two-way advantage. You can charge less than your European counterparts and still live just as well.

More and more, companies will look beyond their traditional city and country bases to find the right skills at the lowest cost. Work will be outsourced. People with the best skills-fit offering the best value for money for their services will be contracted for the required duration, rather than being hired as costly full-time employees.

The world of business is changing quickly and dramatically, thanks to what I call ‘global village technologies’.

What does all this have to do with life coaching?

Actually, everything!

One of the questions I get asked most often by people considering a career in life coaching, is:

“Do you think there is sufficient demand in my area?”

Sometimes, when the prospect is calling in from “Tweebuffelsmeteeenskootgeskietfontein” (for readers unfamiliar with South Africa this is our, admittedly mythical, equivalent to a ‘one horse town’) my honest answer has to be: “No”.

But that’s my answer to the wrong question!

You see, life coaching is, in my admittedly somewhat biased opinion, the world’s best work-from-home business.

Helping people transform their lives is a skill that transcends geographical boundaries and, with the advent of increasingly cheaper telephone calls and free Internet based telephony like Skype, offering life coaching services to people located at the other end of the country – or half way around the world for that matter – is now constrained only by possible timing and language differences.

So, if you are passionate about people and you dream of the perfect lifestyle business – where you can work from home when it suits you and work with clients that speak your language, anywhere in the country or the world, bringing them greater personal freedom, improved self-confidence and growth – then I urge you to consider life coaching.

Are You Cinderella or The Ugly Step Sister When It Comes To Your Career?

You remember the classic fairy tale. Cinderella flees the Royal Ball at midnight, accidentally leaving behind one glass slipper. The captivated Prince Charming picks it up and searches the land to find its beautiful owner.

All sorts of hopeful candidates, including Cinderella’s evil ugly stepsisters, try to force their feet into the Prince’s glass slipper. But it just doesn’t fit – even, in some versions of the tale, after the stepsisters have chopped off bits of their feet (ugh) in a desperate attempt to win the Prince.

I’m ashamed to say that in the early days of my working life I was a lot like the ugly step sisters. I tried to make something that wasn’t meant for me fit.

Instead of looking inward, and understanding myself better – what I truly enjoyed and why – I looked outward. I focused on professions I’d heard of, that my family and peers respected, and spoke to the limited range of organisations that attended my university’s recruitment days. So in my first career, as a solicitor, I ended up shoe-horning myself (forgive the pun!) into a slipper that not only didn’t fit it gave me blisters.

It’s easy to do. At some point, we’ve probably all tried to squeeze ourselves into a mould – to be someone we’re not – whether to get a job or to hold on to a flagging relationship. We humans have such a power of denial, we often don’t realise at the time what we’re doing. So here are a few clues:

You know you’re an Ugly Step Sister when…

1. You find yourself led by what others want, rather than yourself
When I was applying for my law training contract, I had 4 or 5 template cover letters. One explaining why I really wanted to work for a big firm, one extolling the virtues of small, niche firms, one detailing my (non existent) passion for EU law… you get the idea. The sad thing is, I thought I was being really clever.

Are you forcing any of your responses to job applications? Or designing your business too conservatively, around what you think the market wants – as opposed to experimenting with what you’d love to bring to it? (I’m all for listening to potential customers, but haven’t we all been seduced by an innovative product or service we didn’t even know we wanted? Tamagotchis, anyone?!)

2. All your enjoyment comes from your personal life
Your Friday nights out, gorgeous new boy/girlfriend, surfing addiction or kids are all that keep you going.

(You realise this when every Sunday evening you get that “oh no it’s Monday” tomorrow seasick feeling in the pit of your stomach).

3. You lack confidence in your skills
In fact, you can’t understand why you haven’t been fired, but expect it’s coming.

You know you’re Cinderella when…

1. You ask yourself the question “at the end of my professional life, what would I feel proud of having accomplished?” – and you realise you are on the path to achieving those things.

2. If you magically overnight became as rich as Bill Gates, you’d still be doing what you’re doing.

3. You suspect that occasionally, you bore your long-suffering friends with excited accounts of what you’re up to, though they’re usually too polite to tell you.

Which were you? If you’re the Ugly Sister, don’t despair. Remember the words of George Eliot “It’s never too late to be who you might have been.”

Career Change – Are you afraid to move in this economy?

The buzz right now is that everyone is holding on to their current jobs with a death grip due to the grim economy. The overarching belief is that there are no jobs out there and for the ones that do exist, there are too many people applying. Let’s say some of that is true. What is also true is that there are job openings. People move, get promoted or something continues to pull people out of their jobs every day. There are jobs. Maybe not as many and maybe the competition for the ones that come available are stiff BUT there are jobs that need to be filled. One thing is also true; you won’t get any of them if you don’t try.

If you have arrived at a point where you think it is time to make your next strategic career move, you should not let the state of the economy stop you. Don’t create barriers where there are none. The challenge will be greater than in previous years but if you’re prepared for those challenges, go for it.

Let’s look at what some of these challenges might be:

Job Posting Site’ You hear stories of 200 people applying for one job at a local nursery for a nursery stock tender. In this environment, you can count on stiff competition for any posted job. The key here is “posted job”. While it is one way to find out what openings exist, you and millions are looking at that same posting. Looking for a job this way is the lowest priority in a job search because it is the way millions of others are searching and applying. It is hard to land a new position this way due to the volume of other applicants and it is hard to stand out in a big crowd. It can be done and you should pursue it, you just need to calibrate your expectations appropriately.

Recruiters- You also need some insight into the life of a recruiter. They receive thousands of resumes each day. They will often use their computer software to sort out all kinds of criteria to help narrow down the huge pile that has come in. This is a buyer’s market also. They don’t need to talk to you, give informational interviews or much of anything they used to do a few years ago. Right now, they want to process the paper as quickly as possible, narrow it down to a few that look hot and screen them. With tight budgets, geographic consideration is also a big selection criterion. They may not want to fly applicants or relocate new hires, so be aware that geography is now playing a role in how an applicant is being screened.

The perfect match – Because the use of resume’ handling software has become so prevalent these days, there is such a thing as the perfect match. If a hiring manager has determined 9 key skills and experience, the software will prioritize the resume’s that have the highest number of matches. With a large volume, it is now possible to have resume’s selected that hit 100% of the criteria, thus leaving out perfectly good candidates who are “close”.

This is starting to sound like an increasingly impossible set of barriers. This environment is challenging for sure but not impossible if your plan takes these things into account. Let’s look at the key actions a person can take.

Make use of your contact and network – More than 80% of all job openings never make it to any kind of posting. Only the seriously hard to fill positions go out publicly for the most part. That means you must find those positions through the use of “who you know”. This has been and continues to be the number one way to find an ideal spot. It’s good because to some degree, it’s prescreened for you. Your network will be reluctant to send you into a snakepit workplace. They would have to face you later and simply don’t want to feel guilty. Also, they will refer when they feel confident with both sides, you and the other being a good fit. Don’t feel bad if some people you know simply don’t refer, they probably are the same ones that don’t fix up their friends with blind dates. Some people just don’t want to do it. BUT, some do!

Expand your network – if a career move is on the horizon, it’s time to cast the net a bit broader. Figure out some groups you can hook up with that will be rich in potential job contacts. Look in Meetup on the internet, tons of great groups. Also, look into social networking like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, easy and convenient.

Look in unique places- on an airplane, coffee shops or church.

Plan your resume’ – It is no longer possible to have just one all purpose resume’. Because of resume’ search software, you must create resume’s rich in key words. So if there is a few different related positions, create a different one for each position.

Set your expectations – Once you make a decision to move, it is a bit like stopping a freight train. You want to move right now. In this environment, you need to be a marathon runner. You need to pace yourself and set your expectations appropriately that this will take a while. You need to plan for a few dips and bumps which means you need to push through them and keep your eye on the goal.

Don’t let the economic environment stop you from pursuing your dream job. There are millions of jobs and people are hiring every day. Your job is to understand the hiring situation, put your plan together and start working on it, today.

Copyright (c) 2009 Dorothy Tannahill Moran